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Thread: Need judo mats

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    Default Need judo mats

    Anyone have any mats they want to get rid of?

    Due to expansion I need some more!!!

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    HI mate, email Gus

    May be able to sort you a good deal on Zebra mats.


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    if you're looking for a permanent mat, the best thing i have found is to buy foam sheets and cover with a canvas. big bri gave me the plans for the canvas and with a bit of trial and error, i've found a really good source for all the bits (tip - ukboxingrings totally tried to shaft me)

    pm me and i'll let you know what i did for an economical yet industrial mat space. or i could post it here - would probably help a few people out - Part of the Bristol Alliance

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    please post,i am interested

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    ok, had quite a few pms on this, so will post it up. nothing too drastic or secret

    i got some of the info from big bri (cheers mate, invaluable). get some mats, make a wooden frame with finished (not rough) batons (i think i used something like 38mm x 20mm by about 2.4m) and put a canvas over the top. seems pretty straightforward and makes cleaning WAY easier, plus no toes getting stuck down cracks and no mats sliding around

    the details

    i got my canvas from dave sipling at sipling cover makers - make sure you get a MATT finish - a standard canvas becomes like an ice rink when it gets covered in sweat. i cannot stress how important this is - my canvas is awesome. also, order your canvas at least 6 inches or so longer than you need because they don't stretch and the extra 2 inches needed where your canvas covers the edge of the mats can be very frustrating

    when you lay the canvas and pull it tight, lay the baton where you want it and drill through it straight into the ground. then start your screw in the raw plug and put the whole thing through the wood and into the ground. this was another tip from brian and it worked great - no need to try and line up holes and wood and canvas etc. just tap it through with a hammerand screw it up tight. electric drill/screw driver is your friend here and can make a 2 hour job into a ten minute job

    for the mats, i already had some foam judo mats. however, i found a place near me that sells 60" x 80" foam sheets pretty cheap - at one inch thick, they did them for 12 + vat - off the top of my head, that's about 3sqm, so very hard to argue with the price. i used 6lb density on top of my mats, which works really nice. in future, i would probably go for something like a 10lb density (if available) 1 inch layer, topped with a 6-8lb density layer. also, make sure to overlap the sheets if you use 2 layers. they could also cut the foam to a 2 inch thickness (or any thickness you wanted). i paid for it and they cut and delivered it the same day

    make sure the foam is pressed pretty firmly together at the seams and use duct tape to hold ALL edges together (you'll need a few rolls). the foam cuts pretty easy with a saw - the softer stuff cuts easy with a bread knife. don't use uk boxing rings - they failed to deliver (blamed the new guy for not stacking the van) and then told me the price had gone up when i chased them up. also, i'm not sure that their foam is fire retardent - probably not a problem but if you get a strict health and safety officer in an inspection (or a fire!) you'll be screwed

    i think that's everything off the top of my head. if you have gaps in the foam, you can tear up a spare piece and shove the bits into the gap and cover with tape. a nice touch i did was to buy thick hook screws off ebay (still got a load if anyone wants some - they were dirt cheap) and used them to hold one side of the battons down. i then used the hooks to anchor some fencing to the ground, so i have a fenced wall

    one final note - siplings will, for an extra fee, put eyelets into the canvas. you would need to have screws sticking out of your batons to hook them up with but if you ever decide for some reason to change your mats, it is way easier than unscrewing all your batons (i have done both and the eyelets take about 10 mins - unscrewing and refixing the batons takes about 3 hours)

    hope that helps, if i've missed anything, fire away and i'll do my best to answer
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    Thanks mate.
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    Also used sipling's for a cover on top of old judo mats,on our bag area.

    Perfect,wish i would have known about/done this before spending on mats for our rolling area.

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