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    Question semi pro

    Know this is a daft question, but can someone point out the difference between amateur mma fights and semi pro fights please. Just got into mma after training solely in muay thai and don't really see much difference between the two. Ta

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    Amateur has no head shots what so ever (so none stood up or on the ground)
    Semi Pro has head shots only when stood up (so no shots on the ground)
    Pro has head shots stood up or on the ground.

    Plus round times tend to vary somewhat between the levels.

    Amateur is usually 2x5 mins or 3x3
    Semi Pro is usually 2x5 or 3x4
    Pro is usually 3x5

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    some amature shows do allow head shots standing now semi pro rules

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    I had my first fight last month, ametuer, and the rules were strikes to head standing, but no head strikes on the ground. Another bloke I train with fought at the last fight factory event (at short notice ), also amatuer, and we found out when we got there, that there were no head strikes at all, which fucked us up a bit as its more or less just grappling, so the moral of the story is, ask the promoter.

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    I don't understand why amatuer is headshots for some, but not for all... i reckon they should keep the same rules no matter what show you go on,

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    It's all full contact, but Amateur is No Headshot, Semi Pro is Headshot standing (only) and Pro is Headshot standing and on the ground. The promoters like to chop n change and unfortunately it gets very confusing, like you may find you end up having a semi pro with headshots standing and on the ground but with 8 oz gloves so yer...ask the promoter.

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    The UK MMA governing body should step in and sort all the confusion out...
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    Quote Originally Posted by KidKimura View Post
    The UK MMA governing body should step in and sort all the confusion out...
    I agree it cause too much confusion
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