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Thread: Gracie University Online BJJ Learning!!!

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    Default Gracie University Online BJJ Learning!!!

    Just saw this on youtube.

    Personally i like some of it but leaves itself open for Mcdojo's to get an easy grading in what is a tough art.

    Obviously a lot of work has gone into it and a lot of its functions would be very useful to students i.e search functions and garage gyms etc.

    I'm just not sold on the online learning side.

    What do you guys think???

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    Screams of Mc Dojo IMO

    they claim that 'students all over the world could learn Gracie Zhoo Zhitsu more effectively thru the internet than if they were training in person here at the Gracie Academy in Torrance CA'

    so why bother training in a real academy when u can do it better online?

    why are we all bothering learning BJJ in a real class environment when all we all have to do is log online and go from there?


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    I think learning online can be a useful tool. Certainly some people can get to a good standard doing that.

    I think being able to have video of yourself rolling and reviewed by an instructor is useful (I think they offer that?).

    I think grading via video is utter bullshit. -

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    Apart from the on-line 'gradings' (load of bollocks) I think it's OK.

    I've seen videos of Rener and Ryron teach on Youtube and I have to say the instruction seems very good and clear (especially from Rener)...

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