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Thread: 1st BJJ Class

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    Smile 1st BJJ Class

    my 1st bjj classs last night and really enjoyed it didnt really knw what I was doing but did as best I could, bjj just seems such a minefield I know im going to be rubbish for many months and your going to get the guys who just want to smash you but does it just click?

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    Yes mate, it takes quite a while before you get the hang of even the basics. You will be getting smashed by everyone for ages and you'll be getting smashed by some people forever, but it's all good -

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    Don't worry about getting tapped. One thing I find helped me a lot at first was that I went in with the attitude that I was going to use as little strength as was possible to move to where I wanted. I found that when I didn't try and throw people through the roof, they were a little less forceful towards me and I eventually had the technical guys rolling with me because of this.They talked me through each step.I eventually gained some submission awareness because of these dudes whilst at the same time getting to work some of the game I had been drilling on other low level guys like myself.

    I know that it's horrible getting crushed at first but when you just relax you get used to it and a more technical game flows from there. I found that in the first few months the most horrible thing was when I was tired, couldn't breath and had someone crushing me. My personal solution to that was to not make myself tired by using too much of my strength.

    I'm no guru on the subject and I'm not even all that good, but I sure as hell remember what it was like being the FNG and these were the things that helped me through so hopefully you can pull something from it.
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    thanks, ye i realise it will take a long time and your always going to get the ones who want to take the p*ss because your new and I was trying to use as little strength as possible the guy I was rolling with last night was struggling that much I thought he was going to brown his pants, i was just taking it easy but cheers for the advice I still love it though im well addicted and ive only been once and im reading loads and watching videos all day at work!!

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    I also did my first BJJ class 2 weeks ago. Ive recently moved to Germany with work and had been stuggling to find somewhere to train reguarly.

    Ive got experience in No-Gi but have only ever trainined in a gi once before hand. Needless to say, coming from No-Gi I got really frustrated in the Gi to start with being tapped out about every 2 mins. Then when I started to relax I found more openings and eventually managed to triangle one of the blue belts (Result).

    I think in the gi I will hopefully become much more aware of how my opponent moves which in turn will improve my reactions, as well as the obvious submission, escapes and passing knowledge that I will gain.

    I just need to find somewhere to train stand up now.

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    I've not been going long either (couple of months) but i'm finding that i'm getting lots better everytime i roll with people. Started tapping the odd few people out now to, i'm still getting tapped a lot to but you learn from getting's difficult and you will get frustrated it's all about sticking at it.

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    I am in the same boat as the new guys, 3 weeks in training no gi at carlson Hammersmith and I am tapped all the time.

    Patience, as with anything, is the key.

    Loving it though.

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    I've been doing BJJ for several months. I do 3 classes a week (when not injured) and still confussed on the fundemental basics of BJJ. Theres so much to learn and its hard to take it aboard sometimes. Its just about getting as much mat time as possible and learning a move to the extent that you can do the technique without even thinking.

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    but thats the good thing about it that it is so complex that you are constantly learning,

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    You'll get better with experience and more rolling. Can't see the point on going to town with new guys, much more constructive to go their level and show them how to improve their position... unless if they wanna be hyper and play the no tap game (as most 1st time rollers are when they grapple).

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