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Thread: im so sad

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    Thanks guys. I understand i can come back from it..its not my health that is messing me around. But my life next to cant afford to take several weeks out realy. As most people here know, several weeks ago i went abroad to train. and had to come back way early cause my brother is in the hospital...
    So i havent had the best of luck these last months...In my regulaor job most of my holidays where spend on therepy visets.
    it took my so much work last time to get back on the horse. just feel it aint worth it.

    No. but they told me today, by the looks of it now. I need surgery..They are going to take another picture/test in couple of days. Damn socialist docters
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    Dude one of our guys had it done in glasgow and he is back fine. I think the chances of reinjuring for ACL is quite low too so I think its a good prognosis. I know what it's like I have a bum shoulder.

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    Thanks bro.

    I just looked up the details of surgery. sounds loads beter than that bullshit they put me in the last 1 1/2 years lol.
    im just fucked off with it atm. badluck always comes in group.. i have had my batalion now. the only up point atm is the pain killers.

    what happend to the shoulder?
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    Fren,I'm sorry i havent replied to this thread but i have also been sad.7 days ago i tore my hamstring.I decided to rest it and assess the situation.On the day you tore your knee again i had stupidly decided to teach a private to a white belt,and while sparring with him i tore it again much worse.When i read your post i was so upset with myself i couldn't bring myself to give you positive advice and for that i am ashamed.

    Very luckily,i do not have to work at the moment,so since last thursday i have done nothing but ice my leg for 15 minutes,then get in a hot bath for 15 minutes,literally,ice/bath/ice/bath all day long.Today i felt a turning point and i believe i will be OK eventually without surgery.I managed to do an hours Yoga on my own without feeling like someone was stabbing me in the leg.

    All i can say to you is-This is the life we have chosen.Show me a BJJ addict and i can guarantee he has had major time out for injuries or he is going to have.

    You are a Warrior my friend,and you have a duty to share your extensive knowledge.Even if you cannot spar lightly you MUST pass on your knowledge.It is Martial Arts Karma.This is your Job as a Carlson Gracie Purple Belt.As Carlson looks down at you he is saying the same thing.
    It's like the Cosa Nostra-It's 'our' thing and once you're in you can never leave.It's not your decision.

    Braulio had a year out recently with very bad ligament damage that required surgery and he is back to Elite Black Belt level form.It CAN be done.

    Surgical techniques get more advanced every year,and that means recovery time from Surgery diminishes every year.

    Now,stop feeling sorry for yourself and start an upper body weight training regime and add protein to your diet,so when your knee gets better you will have a new found strength with which to apply your techniques with.



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    great post Simon!
    I am also out , back problems , going to rest and eat clean then get back in the gym asap.

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    just seen this. gambatte!!
    man, when you're the nail, hang in there....until the day you become the hammer

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    Thanks simon..

    im about to go to lift.. chest
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