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Thread: Caged Steel "Young Guns" Amatuer event May 17th

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    Default Caged Steel "Young Guns" Amatuer event May 17th

    Caged Steel Amatuer MMA event for 14 - 17 year olds - Everyone Welcome
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    Neil Hall - Operations Director

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    Default Young Guns

    Please get your entries in early guys, thanks

    Neil Hall - Operations Director

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    Default Young Guns Information

    SUNDAY MAY 17TH 2009


    Young Guns is an amateur event intended for 14 – 17 year olds to gain experience in MMA competition. Male & Female competitors are allowed but will not be matched with opposite gender. In the event of female entries being in short supply we may try to pre-match them via their own or their coaches consent, dependant on weight & experience etc.

    There will be 2 groups:

    14 & 15 year olds together with NO HEADSHOTS rules, wearing MMA grappling gloves & shinpads

    16 & 17 year olds together WITH HEADSHOTS standing only rules, wearing MMA sparring gloves with no shinpads.

    Please see rules document for full information about the rules & protection allowed

    MATCHMAKING WILL BE ON THE DAY, everyone will get 1 or 2 fights maximum depending on the amount of entries and condition of the fighters on the day. There will be a CUT OFF DATE FOR ENTRIES, FRIDAY MAY 8th. We will try our very best to match fighters as close as possible with weight and experience, we CANNOT GAURANTEE however to get an exact & equal match. Participants should be aware of this possibility and accept it upfront if it should occur, if this is not acceptable to you then you SHOULD NOT enter this event.

    All fighters will definitely have 1 match, a further fight may be possible on the day depending on how many fighters are available and / or willing, but will not exceed 2 matches.

    The event will be held in our training facility here at Caged Steel in Dewsbury in a 20ft octagonal cage. Spectators will be allowed in but this is not a MMA show, it is an interclub, there will not be a big crowd or ring girls, lights and music etc. there will however be a good, friendly atmosphere and a competitive feeling to the event. We did hold an amateur interclub last year and it was very well received and productive for many of the fighters involved.

    There will be an entry of £15 per fighter payable in advance (£20 if paying on the day – entry forms must be in by the closing date however, even if payment is to be on the day). 2 cornermen per fighter / team will be allowed into the event with free entry, any other spectators, friends or other associates of the fighter will be charged £5 entry into the event.

    Our intention with this event is to give the young up & coming MMA fighters an opportunity to test themselves, gain experience and to be seen by a wider audience, to assist in their future MMA careers. We hope that you will enjoy the event in the spirit it is intended and benefit from the experience.

    Yours in MMA





    Neil Hall - Operations Director

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    Default Entry Forms

    There seema to be interest in this wherever I go but you need to get your entry forms in asap please

    Neil Hall - Operations Director

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