Hi Rosi ,

do you need to treat tennis elbow as my GP told me to strap it for 3 weeks, I didnt and I still have it.... lol what can be done for it except rest ?

Tennis elbow often responds well to treatment, and no, it won't always go away with rest on its own.

Massage, mobilization and stretching can work well. Really, you need someone who will address the biomechanics of the whole arm rather than just press on the sore bit though. There are also taping methods that can sometimes give fast results (but not the usual "wrap a piece of tape round your forearm" type taping - that just moves the problem 2 inches down the arm....). Sometimes contrast bathing (ice / heat) to improve blood flow to the area can help reduce recovery time.

Of course, this is all assuming that it IS tennis elbow - there are plenty of other things it could also be.