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Barnett was active before going to Japan and he trains/ed with Erik Paulson who is a bjj blackbelt no?
He trained with Matt Hume in Seattle before Japan. Hume had trained in Pancrase in Japan under Funaki and Funaki learned his catch wrestling from Karl Gotch who learned his trade from Billy Riley at the Wigan Snake Pit in Lancashire.

Barnett later worked out with Paulson but Paulson is also Catch.
Eric Paulson learned catch wrestling from Yorinaga from his time in Shooto in Japan. Yorinaga trained under Satoro Sayama (Tiger Mask) who founded Shooto. Tiger Mask learned his from Karl Gotch. *It should also be noted that Tiger Mask started out as a Muay Thai fighter before learning Catch Wrestling.

Scroll down to the bottom of the tree and you can see the influence of British/UK/Lancashire Catch Wrestling on Japanese MMA/Wrestlers and US Catch Wrestlers.