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Thread: Principals Of BJJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Levo View Post
    Demian Maia (Science of Jiu Jitsu), Roy Harris (BJJ 101) and Stephan Kesting (Roadmap for BJJ) are all good.

    Nice one..

    Im 'in the process' of getting these nathan..appreciate the pointers..

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Natural View Post
    I have a brazilian bjj friend..he has told me all of the stories dude and by all accounts it sounds crazy..but by all accounts he said that in 'general' the brazilian ladies are crazy jealous also..a case of party hard and train harder..

    Whats the chances of learning all on Jens tapes?'ll get them and see how i get on..thanx..
    yeh, from what i've seen crazy jealousy is a popular trait amongst the women here.

    jen has a fucking lot of tapes lol. also as usual i agree with levo's selections too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fishface View Post
    Stephan Kesting does an online e letter going over the finer points and basics of BJJ for the beginner, the name escapes me right now but they are very helpful for the beginner.

    I also highly recommend Stephan's writing on BJJ. His regular Grapple Arts Newsletter is at and you can sign up to his email lessons that go with the Roadmap for BJJ package here

    Also, check out Roy Harris' article series called "Analysis of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu".

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    Also well worth checking out are:

    Roy Dean BJJ Blue Belt Requirements
    Roy Harris BJJ 201 - lots of stuff about eliminating minor errors in your game.

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