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Thread: leigh on young mums mansion!

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    when is the next episode?

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    this is all well and good but when does someone spunk in simone's sushi?

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    lmao @ her shitty comeback "go to your room"

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    Quote Originally Posted by nrallen View Post
    this is all well and good but when does someone spunk in simone's sushi?
    ... gettin in to all this reality TV stuff, what with UK/US TUF, Bully Beatdown and now Mums mansion.

    Thing is though...When do we start seeing Leigh throw on some armbars and give some beatdowns!

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    His son was doing some GnP, good balance and weight distribtuion if I remember correctly, Lee was totally at his mercy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leigh View Post
    Glad you guys are enjoying it

    For more of a back story on why we split, you can find it here

    i enjoyed it a lot, just saying i think women were probably cursing you as much as we were that nutty bat

    not judging you

    sadly i will again watch the next one

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    Which episodes is Leigh on ? I only want to see those, because it sounds like a bloody good watch haha.

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    enjoying this quite alot

    i think leigh definatly makes the show.

    simone is such a bitch. I dont wnat to bad mouth her too much incase her kids fathers are like wife beaters or somthing. but i really dont like her.

    I think serena came across really well ..thought it was pretty emotional when her and leigh were talking with that woman.

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    Lol watched this the other night Leigh should have got all the kids grappling to get some discipline into them!!

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