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Thread: Where to Buy GI

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonbroster View Post

    Try this guy on ebay:

    sells Krugans for around 60 (Get the Tribal, not the Gladiator or Viking, for general wear)

    make sure you click on the krugans gi not the tankless hot water shower head which is clearly not regulation for competition
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    These are a great gi i got a white one i will cost u about 120 pounds to bring it in

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffMcFluffy View Post
    Just looking to buy my first Gi as well, anybody able to advise me on size? I'm 6foot, a touch under 90kgs, should I be looking any A2 or A3?

    I'm 6' and 85kg, I wear a Krugans A3.

    I spoke to a guy the other week at the Welsh open who was your size (ie a bit bigger than me) he was wearing a Tatami Fightwear A3 that fit him so well it looked like it had been made-to-measure!

    be careful washing & drying your gi! You are at the top of A3 / size5, so if you wash it over 40degrees or put it in a tumble dryer it will shrink. If you decide to go for an A4 / size6 check out this guide on how to shrink it to fit:

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    Thanks people
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    MMA Universe selling Cyclone gi's for 40 wont last long so if your on a budget its worth getting
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