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Thread: Evolution Fightwear Gi's

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    Default Evolution Fightwear Gi's

    Anyone used one of these?

    If so, are they nice gi's?


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    Yes Matey they are lovely Gi's I have one and have been busting the Shit out of it!! It has been the only Gi I have rolled in for about 2months, plus I used it to compete at Bristol. Gi Bottoms are the Nuts, no flat draw string but a lace like draw string, gone are the days of struggling to tie up your Gi bottoms!!

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    Evolution don't seem to be promoting these gis anywhere... any ideas on where we can find some pics?

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    yep, I have one, Gumshield in Eltham have them in stock...

    I have a very sharp one in Blue... i think GS have them in white. As Paul mentioned they are the business..... check out my thread, no one responded at the time...

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    No pics of the gis though... come on Evolution, do you not want people to buy them?!

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