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Hi Nathan, 0 to 18 months is for Novices, who have only been training or competing for up to the 18 month period, regardsless of style, however, the term BJJ is in reference to the level of a BJJ Player is/are at etc, i.e. white belt, as we are looking to hopefully attract a lot more BJJ Players etc, however, there could be the odd person who may be far more experienced, but still maybe a white belt in BJJ, the UMA can see what you mean with regard to the your concern, so the Post will be edited to reflect this important concern.

Thanks for your help.
Cool. That's what I thought. 0 to 18 months and white belts only for novice. +18 months whatever the grade for advanced.

Make sense as there are the naturally talented and also athletic beasts who have come in to grappling and got blues or purples in less than 18 months.

I don't think any +18 months white belts should worry, most UK "advanced" divisions are 95% white and blue belts anyway.

It's not really for my benefit. Most of my guys who have won grappling events including your won, beating blues and purples along the way, have no grade so are officially "white belts". Maybe I should've kept my mouth shut and sneaked the whole team in to the novice division

Hope that all makes sense.