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Thread: CageWarriors needs you!

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    Default CageWarriors needs you!

    Do you surf mma sites most days?

    Do you have inside info?

    Do you have contacts in the scene?

    Or are you just really bored and want something to do?

    If so Cagewarriors needs you!

    We need people who are willing to notice good sites/ articles and post a link to them or if your feeling very brainy, write the article/ review/ interview yourself.

    People who help get a custom title, access to the private admin forum, cagewarriors email address and im sure if your consistant we could sort you out with T-shirts and a free ticket here and there.

    If your interested email me at
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    Very cool community spirited post there uncle Godders, Hopefully you guys will help us on this quest as it will surely impact the growth of both Cagewarriors & the UK MMA scene! resulting on us putting on even bigger & better shows, we really need your help to speed up this process.

    Regards Dougie

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    yeah guys, help lighten the load from the poor souls among us who bust our balls for free

    seriously, anything you notice which may be of interest, post it in the main MMA forum. any reviews email to godders at , and i'm sure he'll put them up on the main page if they're any god (or even if they're not- look at my work ffs )

    c'mon guys. chip in

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    see the hottie forum for my work. More stuff to follow when I finish uni, as in some training guides, reviews and a report of my cagewarriors sponsored trip to brazil, hey dougie

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    i might

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    When I get my home connection working then I will post more often, right now I'm at work and need to be careful.

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    Hi Neil, posting isn,t the main support we need, Establishing links with other global communitys is what we are looking for anything MMA related. What we are doing is asking when you are surfing to establish links with other sites communitys, suppliers e,t,c that will expand the awareness that we are all working very hard here to achieve at cagewarriors.

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    Default Earning the stripes

    I got a free addy, from the cagewarriors team, and am very happy indeed, admitedly I have been quiet on the forums lately, but hopefully by mid next week (sorry I couldn't get an earlier release date) I will have a something rather cool for all....

    Keep it under yer hat godders!


    P.S It isn't really super cool or anything so don't get excited and this isn't hype it's just will be something that you can use if you choose.

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