So the next evening Tiger Claw turned up again.We went through some basic techniques
which of course,during training he resisted each technique we were pracising as if his life depended on it.
It was difficult for his training partner,who as a beginner was probably wondering if any of the techniques i was
teaching would actually work in reality,as before he got a chance to learn them properly,he was trying to
apply them to a fully resisting opponent,and,as we all know,techniques need drilling many times before becoming
second nature enough to work in sparring.

It came to sparring,and i again went through the rules,singling Tiger Claw by looking directly at him and saying,
while demonstrating by putting my own fingers in my eyes then wagging my fingers in a "NO!" gesture,that
Fingers in eyes were not allowed.

I had a feeling this guy was a little dangerous so i decided the best course of action was to go with him myself rather
than risk the beginners health and/or eyesight.

I started by jumping to guard,which i feel is the least aggresive way of starting a grappling match and often
calms the nerves of a beginner,rather than a clinch and shove fight for top position.

Tigerclaw entered my guard and began putting his hands in my chin and face and generally thrashing around
being uncontrolled.I broke his posture and he kept trying to regain it by pushing my face.
I probably should have swept him but he was pushing my face with an outstretched straight arm so i slowly and methodically gripped his
right tricep with my right hand and his right wrist with my left hand and escaped my hips into an arm bar.Rather than cranking it on,i made sure my
left leg was completely bent to 90 degrees around his neck with my ankle pushing down towards the mat,so i had a very good leg grip on him.
He stood up and tried to shake me off and i,ever so slowly-really gently over the course of about 5 seconds applied more and more pressure to the arm bar with him wildly
trying to shake me off and me just hanging there wondering why he wasn't tapping because by this point although i had applied the lock slowly and gently it was now on quite
hard.I kept pulling in a 'linear' fashion i.e. Not jerking it dangerously (i didn't want to damage him), and eventually (perhaps 10 seconds after first applying it) Tiger Claw howled like a scalded cat and i immediately released him,dropping to the floor (i had actuallly been hanging off his arm,but with a great grip).He then walked off the matt swearing in Spanish and rubbing his elbow.
I said "My friend,you must tap",although i don't think he was listening,or would have understood if he was.

Another couple of Rounds went by and Tiger Claw was still waiting for another round so i decided to put him with Marcus the Stunt Man who is i think a 6th Dan TKD
master and a very well respected 35 year old Hollywood Stuntman,who was responsible for the fighting in such films as the latest Bourne.
Marcus has dabbled in many arts,done a tiny bit of shootfighting and mma but is a BJJ beginner.He picks things up FAST though.

Anyway Marcus basically and methodically starts destroying TigerClaw with great technique,in a controlled fashion and ends up mounted on him.
To secure the position he did what i had taught him and crawled up into a high mount and put his arms out wide and his head on the floor so he had 3
points of contact with the ground,to secure the position before deciding if it was safe to move onto a submission attempt.
From here Tiger Claw put his finger right in Marcus' eyes really hard.
I saw a split second of anger flash through the usually completely calm Marcus' face-well somone was trying to blind him.
And then it happened,a moment of superb technique from an absolute beginner-Marcus span,putting his leg across Tiger Claws Neck and
Slid down his outstretched left arm as if the arm was a firestation pole.He landed with his crotch right against Tiger Claws shoulder and
sat back onto the most almighty arm bar i have seen for ages.He had SO much leverage-Tigerclaws Elbow was above Marcus' solarplexus.
As the Arm Bar went on i yelled "NO!" and surely saved Tiger Claw from a broken arm.The Lock,even though it was not fully applied
had TigerClaw scream again and he jumped up,this time rubbing his left elbow furiously.

I thought at that point it was best to finish the class.TigerClaw got changed quickly and left without doing any of his explosive Forms with animal sound effects this time.