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Thread: CGJJ Stories from Abroad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon Hayes View Post
    A tall guy walked in and Rey shouted "Hey Brett,this guy is from London,he talks like you!" and over walked a
    bloke who was about 6ft 2 and 93 kilos.As soon as he started talking i knew he wasn't from London.I couldn't quite
    place his accent.I recognised it slightly but it wasn't quite welsh,and wasn't quite from Devon.This wasn't helped
    by the fact the geezer had a kind of 'traveller' twang to it,it was the sort of accent that had been to a lot of different
    places.So i asked him `'where you from mate?' his reply instantly made me laugh "Hereford".I instantly said
    "So you train with Dave Coles then?" Brett seemed genuinely surprised that i'd worked out his dojo instantly
    and knew Dave.He told me he had been training with Dave a while and was interested in BJJ and Muay Thai
    and had actually been to Thailand training with Dave recently.I looked him up and down to get the measure
    of him.He looked like a big tough bloke."Are you from Hereford then?" i asked, "Pretty much" he said.
    This answer rang an alarm bell for me.I knew what he meant."Services then?" I pryed.......
    " ex Parachute regiment" he said with a grin.Ok,so i had one of Colesy's blokes here,a bloke who travels
    the world training in Martial Arts.And when someone from Hereford says 'Parachute Regiment' it can sometimes
    mean something else.Bloody hell he was one of the smallest in there.
    Simon I just choked on my cornflakes!!

    Great stories mate, keep them coming.
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    Awesome stories, as many have said before, you really should write a book, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. So I take it this guy is/could be a former member of the SAS?

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    Is this stuff fact or fiction? Either way it's good stuff!!

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    LOL! He is real, its just his writing style that is so engaging that it made you to question it. Predator Fightwear CrossFit Northampton Maximum Nutrition

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    how the fuck does he manage to make us wait so long for the fight! Simon, you should write a soap!

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    As we paired off to pactise the technique,Brett the English guy introduced me to a guy who i could
    practise with.He instantly reminded me of 'Jay the Animal' from Carlson's London.Same mad look
    in the eyes,friendly but tough demeanor.There was a difference though.Jay The Animal is about
    5ft 6inches and weighs about 95 kilos.Built like a small gorilla from lifting steel all day every day
    in his job as a welder.Blokes like this don't look like bodybuilders,they get shaped differently
    from lifting awkward bits of metal up stair cases and stuff.They look more like primates as i've
    mentioned.Well this partner of mine was built just like Jay with no neck,short legs,long arms and
    a barrel for a chest but he wasn'r 5ft 6 and 95 kilos,he was 5ft 10 and 120 kilos.
    Blimey,a freak of nature i thought and wondered how much damage he did in sparring as he worked
    his way through the class.He was a lovely fella though,very humble,asking me questions.He wanted to
    know the secret of my guillotine which i shared with him.Just feeling his strength filled me with
    anticipation for later.

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    The next technique Rey showed was a lovely shin grab from bottom half guard that allowed you to post your
    other hand on the ground and pull your trapped leg out and take the top of turtle position.Nice.
    The third and final technique was how to turn the attempted shin grab into a kimura if your opponent
    tried to pull out of the position,and inturn how to change the kimura into a wrist lock.Very slick stuff.

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    Hey Simon
    Great read have fun with my brothers

    Carlson Gracie / Rey Diogo Scotland

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    It was time to spar so i politely waited to see if Rey would pair me up.He didn't and i watched as various people asked each other
    if they'd like to roll.No one asked me so i prepared to watch the first round.The 2 fighters i was most interested in were 'The Fridge'
    and the highly ranked student whose grade i didn't know.The Fridge was about 6ft 2 and 275 pounds (130 kilos) and he wasn't fat.
    The other guy whose place i had taken in the warm up was perhaps 6ft 2inches and about 95 kilos.I was amazed when they started
    rolling.The fridge was moving in an exceptionally athletic way for such a big guy and was obviously very skilled at BJJ.
    But the other guy was a technical wizard.Using pure skill he effortlessly answered every attack by The Fridge and punished every mistake
    the big guy made.This was superb jiu jitsu and i was worried.He certainly had the skills to give most high level opponents fits.
    I asked Hereford Brett what belt level this guy was.His answer didn't surprise me- "Brown Belt 4 stripe"

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