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Thread: CGJJ Stories from Abroad

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    Guy's - I was thinking about this whole Ego thing today after my post and i wanted to re-post something that has relevance to this subject.

    This is something i posted on The Underground Forum a couple of years ago.I know J Sho and others will have read this,but i also think a lot of people haven't.

    It is kind of jokey but is definately reality based.

    It stems from Me and Dickie's experiences and conversations over the years,and documents what we were feeling with our new Blue Belts,and then
    how other people in our class reacted to getting their own Belt Promotions.....................

    ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** **


    After reading many threads recently from white belts wanting their Blues i just wanted to warn you people of a vicious disease to watch out for that can easily infect people who get a belt too quick,but can also infect anyone else who gets a new belt.
    The illness can take the form of a common cold,lasting a few days,or it can mimick a nasty flu bug,lasting a couple of weeks.

    In extreme cases it can take as long as a broken limb to heal-MONTHS and in a few documented cases it can infect and never be healed.

    This disease leaves the Infected person feeling unable to train due to the intense pressure on their ego of having to defend their new belt in sparring and the possibility of a lower grade tapping them out.

    You may notice the beginnings of the infection as it takes hold with things like-you will find a reason you have to work late and not go training. Persuading yourself that you have a slight injury or strain and to miss training. You may find yourself only training on friday nights when you know most guys will not get to the dojo. You may find yourself at Judo more often where you don't feel the pressure of your new BJJ grade under the guise of "needing to work on takedowns more." You may only realise the infection is taking a hold when you find yourself in a Gym, Bench Pressing and doing Bicep Curls when you should be at class rolling.

    You will know you have beaten the disease when you look forward to rolling with the naturally athletic Body Builder white belt with unbelievable talent, so you can test your sweeps and submissions from guard.

    Coming next-The Virus lays dormant and mutates over a couple of years causing-

    PURPLE BELTITIS-Beware..............................

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    Hi Everyone,

    I've just had another week of intense training,which culminated in me getting smashed to within an inch of my life on Friday night.
    I will write up the full story and post it asap.
    This week was 2 No Gi,and 2 Judo,with plenty of weights inbetween.

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    Sorry guys-my family have been to visit me for a week so I took a week off judo;Jiu jitsu and weights for the first time in years!
    I feel 21 again!
    Anyway-i do owe you all a weeks worth of judo stories;as well as the new "Matt Damon-who's the daddy?" story-lets just say Mr Damon has been introduced to Carlson Gracie style Jiu jitsu on a dusty bit of waste ground covered in glass.he ended up eating his own bicep.
    The kids got taken to the moroccan judo club-which was a bit different to the BUDOKWAI!


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    The Film i am working on in Morroco is about the Gulf War and stars Matt Damon (Bourne etc etc).Matt is a cool guy who trains very hard.He has a Boxing coach full time and has been boxing for 7 years.He has to be careful not to go too far when sparring because obviously it would be counter-productive with his career to have a CGJJ nose.
    With Matt there are a load of real soldiers and Marines who saw active service in Iraq.They are playing supporting roles in the Movie.A few of them have been training with me and learning Jiu Jitsu.
    I am being very careful to only allow them to spar with me and not each other so there are hopefully no injuries as a Black eye or split lip could cause very big problems with the film schedule,so when i spar with them i have to be careful to keep my knees away from their faces and not use my head while fighting (very difficult given my BJJ style.....).
    I tend to go for arm locks rather than chokes as these are far less likely to end up leaving facial marks.All of these guys are tough and tell some mad stories about their service.A couple of them have trained in Martial Arts or Krav Maga,and being American they all have wrestling experience.One of them in particular has 2-3 years No Gi experience so it is fun to spar with him.

    Matt Damon has been intrigued about BJJ and is a big UFC fan.One of his friends trains with Marcelo Garcia,so he has been exposed to our sport.He has shown an interest in training with me but i have discouraged it while we are shooting because if he gets a black eye i will be on the next plane home!

    Anyway,Markos the Stunt Co-ordinator has been training regularly with me and is learning really fast.He has really taken a liking to BJJ and asked me if i would mind if he put some techniques i have shown him in the film.I,of course said "No,these techniques are secret and if you put them in the film then guys from other academies could use them against Carlson Gracie Team in tournaments",
    in the time honoured Jiu Jitsu tradition.

    Bollocks-I said "Fuck yeah-Put them in the movie and show the world some decent BJJ in a film after Mel Gibsons Triangle in Lethal Weapon 3 almost stopped Hollywood ever using BJJ in a fight scene again!"

    I have been teaching No Gi as you all know.When teaching No Gi it is far more challenging than teaching with the Kimono because you have far less choices and gripping points.Basically as a Gi man i find it easier to teach with the Gi,which is why this time away teaching purely sub grappling will be very good for my development as an instructor,because i am having to really think about the game.It's easy teaching No Gi once a week at your academy and then having 6 days of Gi work before it is No Gi again but when you are having to teach every class without a Kimono it is challenging as there are fewer techniques.

    One of the No Gi positions i particularly like as a opening for other techniques is called "Who's the Daddy".Thats what we call it at Carlsons and i believe the evolution of the name came to us like this.I am sure most of you know we have a sister club in Budapest called 'Carlson Gracie Hungary',which is run by my Brother Mihaly Sztraka.He is a Brown Belt under Wilson Junior.
    Before Mihaly became part of the Carlson Team he was a very highly respected Thai Boxing instructor.His Thai Boxing is the real stuff.In the UK so many Thai Boxing clubs are really just Kick Boxing clubs that have jumped on the Muay Thai bandwagon and started allowing elbows and knees and called themselves 'Thai Boxers'.

    There is so much more to real Thai than kickboxing with Elbows and knees.The real art of Thai contains horrific striking set ups that make your opponent cover up one side of their body,only to expose their floating ribs,liver and kidneys on the other side for the knee.Also the clinch work in real thai is an art within itself,and this clinchwork, opening up takedowns and elbows and knee's is what a kickboxer,no matter how good,can never teach you.

    Anyway,Mihaly's Thai is real.It was taught to him when he was in Thailand as a live in student of his master.This wasn't a 6 week summer vacation of Hookers,Weed and training in a beach resort
    with a load of Germans.........................

    So when Mihaly first started BJJ he went to America to learn it.At the time,the UFC and Mixed Martial Arts were just starting to understand the importance of Thai Boxing as a part of MMA.

    The thing about America at the time was this-Even more so than England they had a huge lack of REAL Thai Boxing instructors.The USA has always loved Martial Arts and due to Soldiers being stationed in Japan and Okinawa in the 2nd World war,and U.S. Airforce bases in Korea there has always been a huge amount of Karate and Taekwondo there.Then there was the 'Bruce Lee' revolution in the 70's which led to a lot of Chinese Immigrants successfully teaching lots of different styles of Kung Fu.

    But the real lack has been (IMO) the most devastating stand up art-Muay Thai.There has never been a real cultural exchange (due to War or anything else....) with Thailand which has led to very few Thai schools in the U.S.

    Even "American Kickboxing" really owes far more to full contact Karate than it does to Thai.The 'Kickboxing' revolution in the US came from good Karate tournament fighters getting bored of
    Point and semi contact tournaments which led to some of them making their own rules to test themselves in full contact conditions.Because this was against the wishes and beliefs of many oriental
    masters it was called "Kickboxing" rather than "Full contact Karate" or "Full contact Taekwondo" which is what it really was.
    I mean,imagine Thai Boxing without the leg kicks....................In the early version of "American Kickboxing" you couldn't even kick below the waist,let alone clinch and takedown..............

    Anyway,enough of the history lesson......................

    When Mihaly arrived in America he quickly became well known among the Southern Californian BJJ/MMA brigade,because he was an Instructor in REAL Muay Thai.

    This enabled him to train with some of the sports top names and go to places like 'Big Bear Mountain' to help certain MMA fighters prepare for the UFC and other events at altitude.

    Quite a nice beginning for the young Hungarian wanting to learn BJJ!

    So he meets a trains with Chris Brennan,who i am pretty sure was the man who named the technique that Mihaly taught me "WHO'S THE DADDY?".


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    The 'Who's the Daddy' position was a favourite of Ricksons Gracies and is a fantastic BJJ technique to use in MMA.

    It's use in MMA is particularly poignant because your opponent cannot 'Intelligently defend himself' if he is caught in "Who's the Daddy"
    leaving the Refferee no choice but to stop the fight or allow the man on the bottom to get his face punched in

    In Sport BJJ there are many submissions from using the position as the set up.

    There are Hammer-Fist Chokes,Arm Bars,Head and Arm triangles,Rolling triangles and Mata Leo's from 'Who's the Daddy'-
    So,all in all its a pretty cool,high percentage technique and i like teaching it.

    You can achieve "Who's the daddy" from Half Guard,Knee on Chest,Side control or Mount,but for the purpose of this story i will describe the set up from mount.

    You are mounted on your opponent and you grab his right wrist with your right hand.With your left hand you open hand strike his right tricep HARD to your right as you drag
    his wrist to your right with your other hand.
    You then immediately use your chest to put pressure on his right elbow which is now above his throat.So his bicep is bearing down on his own throat and you are holding his
    right wrist by his left ear with your right hand,still leaning your chest on his elbow to stop him escaping.
    Your left hand (the one that bitch slapped his right tricep....... now reaches around the back of his head and you feed his wrist to your left hand with your right hand.Now gripping his
    right wrist with your left hand with your left forearm behind his head you pull hard which will make his right bicep pull tight against his throat.

    You can now release the pressure on his elbow with your chest,sit up and while pulling his wrist with your left hand you can punch him extremely hard in the face with your right fist
    causing him to verbally submit by screaming and/or whimpering while the referree dives on you to stop the fight.........*CGJJ Dreams of his Pro MMA debut*


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    So i have been teaching a lot of 'Who's the Daddy' set ups to my students as it a great No Gi technique,as well as working with the Gi.

    Markos had been planning a fight scene and decided he wanted to change the fight somewhat now he has been exposed to BJJ.

    The scene see's a fight between Matt Damon and another soldier.

    When the day came to shoot the fight i had a big surprise.Quite honestly i forgotten that Markos had said he was going to use some Jiu Jitsu,and taken it with a pinch of salt anyway.

    But when the fight happened it was like a Carlson Gracie Jiu Jitsu class!

    The fight starts with a verbal disagreement which results in Matt throwing a punch at the other soldier.The other soldier ducks the punch and shoots for a double leg,he then Kosoto's the left leg
    (leg vine's) as he is driving forward during the double leg takedown.From the double leg he then takes mount and secures the "Who's the Daddy" from mount.When it is secured
    he then skips from mount to knee on chest and says "You wouldn't fuckin' listen would you,so now i'm gonna have to be your daddy".

    As it happened first time i could almost hear the whole cinema of Carlson Gracie students all shout "OOOOOOSSSSSS' when he said the line!!!!

    So,hopefully if the fight stays in the film the general public will be exposed to some proper Jiu Jitsu in a real situation (On a dusty bit of concrete in Baghdad...........)

    More soon!


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    I found an old thread from 'The Underground' written by an American guy training in Rio,it makes excellent reading and i thought it would appeal to anyone who enjoyed my stories.

    Good Reading!!

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    And here's a link to the "David5" Blog about his recent trip to Rio

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