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Thread: CGJJ Stories from Abroad

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    Rey called me over and said "how long you been training man?" i said "10 years sir" and he looked at me and said "so you a black belt yeah?"
    i just nodded and he shouted "hey everyone sam is from London and he's a Black Belt!" and then turned to me and said "thankyou for choosing
    my academy" i said to him "there was no choice to make sir,i am Carlson Team,this is my family",he laughed and slapped me on the shoulder
    and said "Junior send you right? he was just there in London with Ari Gallo! they my good friends!".I felt at home.This is what jiu jitsu teams are about.
    All you fucking ronins,i hope oneday you feel what its like being welcomed into an academy full of guys you've never met before like you're their
    long lost brother because it may change your mind about what it really means to be part of a team.

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    As i looked around i saw at least 8 guys who outweighed me and 3 who were over 250 pounds like American football players.
    And the ones who weren't huge were tall and rangy and looked like they could triangle bulls.

    My cover was blown,they all knew i was a black belt even though it was a no-gi class so i couldn't use the element of surprise.
    Fuck,i'd just have to rely on my jiu jitsu.I hadn't done much No-gi for about 2 years.OK i took my gi off religeously once a week for a
    round with someone decent,but i'd stopped teaching the no-gi class at Carlsons 2 years ago when i decided i had to give Sundays
    to my boy.And here i was,ring rusty,a little out of shape in a room full of monsters.

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    Like a late Xmas present, awesome. A whole month of this to come.

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    Great thread.

    Keep it going simon.

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    Loving these , only half way through

    If you need a friend, get a dog !

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    Simon, you should start a blog!

    I really enjoy this thread & I'm always on cage warriors, but a blog would be much easier for you to post to!
    The Griphouse

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    Come on Simon, I've been waiting all day for the result!

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    Quote Originally Posted by davids View Post
    Come on Simon, I've been waiting all day for the result!
    simons knows, always leave them wanting more...
    man, when you're the nail, hang in there....until the day you become the hammer

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    The revival of the best thread on CW.. Yippeee!

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