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Thread: CGJJ Stories from Abroad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon Hayes View Post
    more later guys.........
    Can't wait!!!
    Pedro Bessa BJJ Bristol. Sweatbox MMA.
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    God likes head kick knock outs.

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    cant wait very good post ooooossssss

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    Cheers for sharing Simon, we must have more! These are always a wicked read!
    ''Fren let me tell you, purple must smash people. SMASH THEM...that is hequirement for purple. Purple belt dangerus man, if purple belt cannot smash he not real purple'' - CREONTE
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    Oh come on Simon, this is getting ridiculous, it's been almost a day now! When you create something special and release it to the public, you have a responsibility to maintain it. Just like George Lucas, he can and should be held accountable for certain aspects of certain films!

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    I remember this thread from EFN a while back.

    Awesome. These stories seriously need to be put together in a book.

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    A tall guy walked in and Rey shouted "Hey Brett,this guy is from London,he talks like you!" and over walked a
    bloke who was about 6ft 2 and 93 kilos.As soon as he started talking i knew he wasn't from London.I couldn't quite
    place his accent.I recognised it slightly but it wasn't quite welsh,and wasn't quite from Devon.This wasn't helped
    by the fact the geezer had a kind of 'traveller' twang to it,it was the sort of accent that had been to a lot of different
    places.So i asked him `'where you from mate?' his reply instantly made me laugh "Hereford".I instantly said
    "So you train with Dave Coles then?" Brett seemed genuinely surprised that i'd worked out his dojo instantly
    and knew Dave.He told me he had been training with Dave a while and was interested in BJJ and Muay Thai
    and had actually been to Thailand training with Dave recently.I looked him up and down to get the measure
    of him.He looked like a big tough bloke."Are you from Hereford then?" i asked, "Pretty much" he said.
    This answer rang an alarm bell for me.I knew what he meant."Services then?" I pryed.......
    " ex Parachute regiment" he said with a grin.Ok,so i had one of Colesy's blokes here,a bloke who travels
    the world training in Martial Arts.And when someone from Hereford says 'Parachute Regiment' it can sometimes
    mean something else.Bloody hell he was one of the smallest in there.

    As Rey started the warm up he was loudly berating a 275 pound (130kg) black guy who was about 6ft 1 and built like the
    american football player some of you may remember as 'the fridge'.This guy was wearing a tight rash guard and it
    looked the seams were going to burst any minute.As Rey barked orders at us,this guy was literally taping every
    joint on his body with gaffer tape.Ankles,Wrists, Rey was shouting "Man,what you doing,you trying to stick your
    body back together??" I realised the way he ran his gym was fun,this was no strict traditional place.It was being run
    in true Carlson style with everybody joining in the banter.There were shouts of "You're gonna need that tape buddy"
    and stuff like that and everybody was just generally laughing and joking as we did a static warm up,a warm up very
    similar to the one Rodrigo Medeiros does,and something i now realised from seeing the same thing from Rey was probably
    the way Carlson ran his warm ups.Nothing too strenuous,not a boot camp cardio blast,just gentle movements to awaken
    the body followed by some stretches.It lasted about 15 minutes.

    A guy came in late and looked at me.I was standing in the front of the warm up where Rey had asked me to stand.
    I was obviously in his place.Rey shouted "Ritchie,this is Simon from London.Black Belt".Ritchie grinned the sort of grin
    that looks like a cross between being pleased to meet you and wanting to immediately just spar with you.
    He was about the same size as Brett.6 ft 2 and perhaps 95 kilos.As he took his place next to me i realised he must be
    the highest ranked student there.This is the thing about No-Gi,you have to try and suss out who is who and what belt they

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    Rey "guys to day we gonna do some positions from the half guard".Good,i'm really enjoying half guard a the moment
    after a very luke warm relationship with it until a couple of years ago.Wilson really likes the half guard but my other
    old teacher Nelson had a more old school attitude towards it.If you were in bottom half guard look to replace guard.
    He had some really great technical ways of replacing guard from half guard and up until Brown Belt that was really
    what i based my game on.As half guard became more fashionable and from sparring with guys like Luiz Tosta and
    having Mario Reis teach a half guard seminar at our place i was beginning to become more open minded about it.
    Wilson was,week by week expanding my top position half guard game and giving me a mulititude of passes to
    work on and then one day Luiz Tosta introduced us to Eduardo Goncalves who was his mate.Edu came from
    Novo Gericau in Rio which is a Carlson lineage club in Leblon.The club actually that Rodrigo Medeiros has
    links with.It is run by a famous Carlson BB called Toca.
    Anyway,Edu, who at that point was a Brown Belt began training fulltime at Carlsons London and i began to spar
    with him a lot and realised that although only 64kg his bottom half guard was very difficult for me to pass and
    it gave him a great defence to my game.It was at that point i decided i was going to study the half guard
    until i'd learned what i needed to know.

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    And from that moment i have religeously spent a whole session each week working purely half guard.
    So,i was interested to see what Rey's take was on it.Firstly because i knew that he is old school Carlsons,
    but also he is teaching in a place where the competitition for BJJ schools is very full on.LA probably has
    more top level BB's from Brazil teaching than anywhere apart from Rio.Half Guard is very very 'trendy'
    in BJJ right now and if you ignore it students will porobably vote with their feet.
    So i wondered if Rey's half guard positions would be old school or new school.
    Well,remember this was no-gi so the game changes slightly but i was immedialtely super impressed with the first

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    It was simple,aggressive,fast and i liked it.Guillotine from bottom half guard.Oh yes-
    MY GAME! Opponent is double over hooking your hips with his arms and about to sprawl
    on your legs to break open the guard to pass.His head is tight to your stomach.Head is
    pushed hard with one hand to the ear to side and other arm punches under the chin and sit up
    for the guillotine.I have always loved guillotines from half guard and often find myself
    applying them but in a less technical way.This was beautiful and would fit directly into
    my game.

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