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Thread: Verified Belt Rankings of UK BJJ Students

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    Default Verified Belt Rankings of UK BJJ Students

    Eh your right but that I kno who else has shorts like this?

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    Looking at that, I will have been a blue belt 3 years this comming march!! Holy shit, where does the time go?

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    I've obviously been forgotten. I'm not on the list. I think I'll have to come to come back to the UK and prove that I exist. Anyone training over Christmas? I fancy a roll, that's a BJJ roll not a ham and cheese roll.

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    I've put the list together and cleaned it up on

    I'm more than happy to keep this list up to date and/or add the brown and black ones. Let me know.



    PS. I AM that bored
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    Default Chester Area Training with Gi

    Any revommendations on a Gi school to train at in or around Wrexham? Either that or reccomendations on Liverpool, Manchester or surrounding areas to commute? Must be BJJ gym not MMA an prefferably a Black Belt teaching???

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    I just got my brown belt from Darren/Helen Currie yesterday
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    Many congrats Danny! Awesome achievement.

    If you're in Manchester SubJunkie, come by ours at the BJJ LABS in Manchester Fighting Fit. We are right behind Victoria train station.

    Check my signature for links to the BJJ LABS blog and more importantly the FIGHTING FIT website for directions and timetable. BJJ sessions are lead by BJJ Brown belt Martyn Cahill.
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    John Mcilroy Blue belt under Paul Mcveigh yesterday Griphouse Glasgow
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    Andrew Dobbie Blue belt under Paul Mcveigh yesterday, Griphouse, Glasgow
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    New blue belts awarded at Checkmat sunderland (The Dungeon) by Marco Canha:

    Ben Bell
    David Nergaard
    Craig Briggs
    Elliot Cook
    Mark Innes

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