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Thread: Verified Belt Rankings of UK BJJ Students

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    Things have been pretty quiet here regarding my club, Gracie Barra Leeds, but Tom Harris got his brown belt from Victor Estima on the 5th of June, and a few people got promoted at our last seminar on the 18th of April, including Adam Marshall who got his purple belt, and, er me. I got my blue belt after 2 years of training mostly just once a week (but I do other stuff as well) despite having dyspraxia and starting from scratch:

    (That's Marcus Houlden, Gracie Barra Leeds and awarded by Victor Estima)

    Photos and more on our Facebook group page at

    As things stand, Tom Harris is a brown belt, and Richard Couch, Darren Good and Adam Marshall are purple belts. Rick mostly runs the Halifax branch and we've just started a group in Dewsbury as well.

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    im a puple belt under gordo jiu jitsu
    im on there as a purple belt from ivam. how do i change this ???????

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    Gutted I'm not showing! Not happy about that

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    Guys, you'll have more luck getting additions and changes posted if you go to the original thread on EFN. They're not always too speedy there either, but you've got more chance of being noticed.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Gareth View Post
    How do we get the list updated? I've posted several additions to the list on the thread and only one of the names has been added?
    Gareth - you need to know the secret BJJ handshake

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishface View Post
    Yeah sure does Levo, one hand on gi lapel, other hand on wallet

    That's a standard BJJ coach grip right? Nothing secret about that

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    Blue 2 under Lagarto

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    Default im not ranked

    im a brown belt under gordo jiu jitsu ??? how do i get verified

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackmmagee View Post
    im a brown belt under gordo jiu jitsu ??? how do i get verified
    Post on the belt rank forums on EFN - that's where the register is maintained.


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