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Thread: Post your cool BJJ pics here

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    i am in that picture!

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    I also that picture, that day many many leglock for pussy jiu jitsu motherfucker. Bring you purple belt for Sergei is hungry!

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    I seem to remember two things about the stroppy russian fucker who was there that day,
    1) you got tapped silly by all the purples and didn't leg lock any of them.
    2) I uchimata'd you onto your stupid fat head.

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    No no no, this rolling kneebar not uchimata, if not 1 litre of vodka from cash n carry on brick lane before class I would finish for sure. Purple belt is like breakfast for leglock specialist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRIBULUS View Post
    Cool pic from the opening of London Fight Factory which was initially a Carlson Gracie club before we found our new home in Hammersmith.

    Trust Luca Mengacci (top left) to set up a special meeting between a hit squad of Carlson Purples and Kru Cliff's team as a special opening event.

    the pic isnt appearing for me?

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    i like picture.was befor immigration catched me on subway an send me home to Brasil.

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    Roleta Brimingam Brown belt Imran (Sid) Saddique training at Gracie Barra Rio with Georges St-Pierre

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    Those Roger Gracie Academy shirts just get everywhere, don't they? ^_^

    Take care,


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    Quote Originally Posted by creonte View Post
    i like picture.was befor immigration catched me on subway an send me home to Brasil.
    Man you lucky immigration an not So19! U get lucky scape!

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    One of the most controversial moments in BJJ history.

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