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Thread: Any tips on solo drills?

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    Default Any tips on solo drills?

    Somewhat annoyingly after tonight I wont be able to train for about a month. I will, however, have access to a good gym but not (m)any training partners.

    So I want to do something to keep my hand in, and the only thing I can think of are solo drills. I searched youtube and seen loads of different drills, but I've no idea if they're any good. Can anyone recommend some drills or something else that I can do on my own (also considering I have little experience).

    Thanks in advance,


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    I only do no-gi, am I allowed to post in here?

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    No ..............
    Insert whiny message

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    Sit on your hand untill it goes numb.............
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sledge View Post
    Sit on your hand untill it goes numb.............
    then beat yourself off, I call that a stranger.

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    Nathan-You are very,very welcome here and you're input will be greatly appreciated.

    Here is the best drills video i know of.A lot of the techniques can be drilled alone.The teacher is Oswaldo Alves whose Jiu Jitsu has been passed down to
    Carlson Gracie Revolution Team London through some of our instructors.

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    For solo drills.

    Penetration steps/doubles
    Shrips to turtle position.
    brigdge/shirp combos
    Wall drills
    sit outs
    rickson sit outs..
    list goes on and on..
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    Doesn't Rickson believe you should spend more time on drilling than actual rolling ?

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    Doesnt everyone agree on that?
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    The first thing I wonder is why do you want to do the drills? Are there specific areas you need to work on, do you want something more general, do you want a fitness component? etc.

    There are LOTS of good solo drills for groundwork but I mainly focus on different hip movement drills.

    I make guys do the following (obviously, the details are important and without doing a video or photos it'd take too long to explain each one in depth, but hopefully you'll get the general idea):

    Ground Solo Movement Drills

    Lateral Hip Movements

    Two foot shrimps (both feet on floor, shrimp backwards)
    One foot shrimps (one foot on floor, shrimp sidewards)

    But scooting (sitting up on one buttock with one hand on floor & moving around)

    Rotational Hip Movement

    Turn to knees (from laying on back)
    Sit outs (from all fours)

    Vertical Hip Movment



    Forward roll (shoulder to hip)
    Backward roll (over shoulder)

    Example Combinations:

    One foot shrimps - Turn to knees - Sit out.
    Bridging - Two leg backwards shrimps

    There are lots of other groups of techniques such as get ups and if you include stand up you've got footwork drills, stance drills, level changes, penetration steps, back archs and more.

    Try this thread for drills to do with a heavy bag too:

    Head Coach at Leicester Shootfighters
    Sponsored by Caged Steel and Empire Fight Shop

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