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Thread: Any tips on solo drills?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duchman View Post
    For solo drills.

    Penetration steps/doubles
    Shrips to turtle position.
    brigdge/shirp combos
    Wall drills
    sit outs
    rickson sit outs..
    list goes on and on..
    What's the difference between a normal sit out and a Rickson sit out???

    'edit - just googled Rickson sit-out - now know what you mean! '
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    Simon: Thanks a lot looks like a great vid.

    Dutchman: Thanks also, I hadn't heard of some of those until I googled them, so something new.

    Nathan: There isn't a specific reason or part of my game I want to work on. Rather, I just want to do something in addition to strength and fitness, while I can't make lessons. Thanks for the list - I'll do those with a couple of the other suggestions.



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