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Thread: CBJJ Rules and Weight Categories

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    Thanks to J-Sho for this easy to read version of the rules.

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    Very good stuff. Saw this on EFN Sports BJJ Forum. Would be good if all U.K BJJ orientated competitions apply these rules and weight classes.

    I thought leglocks were legal as soon as you reach your purple. I also thought you were allowed heel hooks when you were a purple too.

    I suppose these are the type of submissions that can end a carreer or even fuck up your job if damaged you're too much.

    Good Post.

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    These rules are in place at every single UK BJJ competition and have been for a long time.

    The competitions that these rules are not in place at are No Gi comps and
    'groundfighting' comps.

    Any comp with 'BJJ' in the title will be using these rules.


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