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Thread: ear protectors

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    Default ear protectors

    Ive started to get a cauliflower ear nothing too bad just yet just hurts alot and is purple! So was wonderin if anyone could recomend any ear protecters as i really dont fancy draining em everytime i have a roll?

    cheers jon

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    I wear Brute ones and bought them here

    They're pretty good.

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    do u find they get in the way

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    I've been wearing different ones for years and I don't mind them at all. They might take a little getting used to but I don't even really notice them anymore.

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    I've got a different Brute one;

    Don't wear it much anymore (don't tell my missus!) but it fit pretty well and seemed to do it's job. Not sure how it compares to others but the only negatives with it are my head gets hotter and people tend to grab on to it at times. -

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    I've got the Cliff Keen Tornado ones. Bit bulky but very light, spacious and soft, it's like having pillows on your ears with plenty of room/venting to still hear.

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    Waits for creonte to come in and say something about not being cock faggot and wearing head bra is for faggot.

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    Most of my club (including myself) wear the brute shockwave.

    Good quality, washes up well. good protection, good fit.

    I know about not wanting to wear them when youve not got bad ears, but they are well worth the hassle of not getting "hot ears"!!LOL

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    I was thinkin creonte might come in an diss! Head bras have gotta b cool anyway rick steiner used to rock them!

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    Brutes are really good , you forget all about them when your gettin arm barred.
    They guy who invented Burpees , is a secret child molester

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