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Thread: Help with Judo questions please

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    Default Help with Judo questions please

    Can anyone who knows about Judo (present day) please P.M me.

    I have some questions about gradings and a some other stuff.


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    I currently grade in Judo every month.I have been grading in Judo since 2004 so i have a reasonable understanding of the old,and new rules.

    I'm quite happy to answer questions on the forum so my answers could possibly help others,so if you like,ask the questions here and i'll answer them.


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    I may be able to help also but why ask on a no gi forum????

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    Ok. Thanks Simon.

    My questions...

    1) Has the new syllibus taken affect now?

    2) If so how are these new gradings recorded? I still have the old type Judo License book with all the old kyu's theory stuff in them. (I tried ordering a new booklet but they just sent me another paper membership/insurance thing to go stick in the book)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirty dick View Post
    I may be able to help also but why ask on a no gi forum????
    Becuase my other option was the BJJ forum

    Also I saw another thread about Judo in here so that made my decision for me.

    Why the grappling section got split in the first place I don't know. Not exactly heavy traffic here.

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    just causing myther - im bored! Neil adams on a bjj forum!

    Yes syllabus has started and is recorded in licence book. (glad i dont need to do it)

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    What license book though? Is there a new one?

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    Still the old one i think - almost sure of it. Although I know the syllabus would be different

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    Awesome, cheers!

    I have another question though if you don't mind?

    Do you know how the new grading system has affected the Budokwai gradings? Do they still do gradings last sunday of each month and if so, can anyone still turn up to them to get graded?

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    Depends what grade you are i suppose? I would guess Simon could help - as a budokwai semi regular.

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