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    Has anyone ever suffered a grade 2 hamstring tear, and if so how long where they out of training for and what did you do to rehabilitate it, serious replies and advice would be appreciated thanks.

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    Hey Lee, sorry to hear you tore your hamstring.

    The first part of rehab will be maintaining what range of movement you have with very gentle stretching and gentle mobility work that doesn't aggrevate your symptoms. This along with the use of ice/antinflammatories and a good diet should be your primary objective.

    From about 4-6 weeks from your injury you should with the previous management having been done be able to increase the function, however do so with caution and gradually as the muscle repair will have shortened the muscle which effectively decreases its elasticity and with a lot of your activities being set in neural pathway sequences you may be likely to reinjure yourself if you are not aware of the speed at which you are doing a movement or even the range you are performing it at.

    If possible you should spend some time doing slow dynamic balance exercises such as shallow lunges and anything that isn't aggressive to the injury. Regular stretching (more than normal) would also be recommended to attempt to lengthen. Massage also has its place to help break down scar tissue giving the muscle fibres a chance to realign.

    End stage rehab will then have you returning to dynamic activites.

    Hope this helps a little. All the best.
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    Barracuda just a quick one. I tore mine about 3-4 years ago but didnt get it seen to just sort of let it heal itself used rice etc... its never been the same since, everytime I do aything even a little strenuous its very sore for about 4-5 days.

    Is it possible after this long to use deep friction with any success or is the scar tissue too old, some said it will help others have said not a chance. Its just so tight all the time and stretching doesnt really help so wondering if its worth getting a lot of massages ?

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