Like 2 Fight clothing is proud to be sponsoring the UMA No Gi grappling competition on Saturday 23rd May.
Come along to compete or watch!

U.M.A. International Open Groundfighting and Grappling Championships
('No Gi') Groundfighting and ('With Gi') Grappling


(2 Championship Events over 2 Days - Seniors Only age 16 years old and over)

***Novice and Advanced Weight Class Categories***

Saturday 23rd May Event Schedule: 'No Gi' Groundfighting
Sunday 24th May Event Schedule: 'With Gi' Grappling

• Men’s Novice Weight Categories: U65kg - U75kg - U85kg - U95kg - O95kg
• Men’s Advanced Weight Categories: U65kg - U75kg - U85kg - U95kg - O95kg
• Women’s Categories: U60kg - O60kg
• Men’s 35+ Masters Category: Open Weight
• ‘Free’ Absolute: Open Weight - Category for Registered Competitors

All Classes are Elimination with Repechage, Guaranteeing every Competitor a minimum of Two Contests

Categories with some of the Best Groundfighting and Grappling Action and Competition that is not to be missed

A Free Absolute-Open Weight Category for Registered Competitors who want more action on the mat

Competitors from BJJ, Wrestling, Grappling, M.M.A., Judo, JuJitsu, Sombo, Gi and No Gi Players putting it all on the line, entering and stepping up to compete for Honours in this Two Day Premier Open Groundfighting and Grappling Championships.

We advise that you get your Details and Entry Forms in as quick as you can due to the interset shown and Teams wanting to attend already, as its definitely an Event you don’t want to miss out on…

Wallace Sports Centre
Abbotts Road
Abbey Hulton

For Full Details and Entry Forms etc, go to the U.M.A. Website: United Martial Alliance

Closing dates for All Entries is Midnight Wednesday 20th May 2009

No Entries will be taken after the Closing Date, so please don't ask