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Thread: New to MMA. Looking for a north-east club.

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    Default New to MMA. Looking for a north-east club.

    Well basically, I have been interested in various forms of MMA for a while, Watched it alot, And a couple of times ive been close to getting involved, But always seemed to be that my friends pulled out, But now me and my mate are seriously interested into getting into some form of MMA where you can knee, kick, punch, elbow all sorts, We're both 16 and in good shape (I think), A few nights ago I was hit with a plank of wood, And that's sort of prompted this decision. I do nothing through the week so would be free any days, At any time, However I'm still at school, Although not long left so preferably evenings would be better. If people could suggest some clubs or something that would welcome us it would be great. We're both from Stanley, North-east england. And once again we are completely new to this.

    Thanks alot.

    You can contact me on MSN, Ben_W_2008@Hotmail.Com.

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    sorry to hear bout the attack dude theres some real pussies out there. i cant personally recommend any gyms up your way but i think youll find wherever you decide to train youll be welcome! first class is scary to everyone trust me but just do it! only advice id give is if u arent enjoying it go elsewhere!

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    Thanks anyway, I know my choice of where to go is a big part of my future with MMA so don't want to go un-prepared or un-advised

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    Yeah i've read through those but most are at newcastle, Was hoping there'd be some a bit closer, Obviously im still 16 so haven't got a car to travel and would probably be getting lifts or w/e. So the closer the better really.

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    Team Machine is at Leadgate above Cuts n Curves gym. Classes are mon to thurs 5:30 til 7:30 and fri 5:30 til 6:30.

    I've heard The Gym on the Hobson industrial estate and Spartan Performance at consett does mma classes as well but not sure on times or anything

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