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    Ground Control 4.0

    1st Gracie Barra Lagarto
    2nd Next Generation
    3rd Manchester Ground n Pound

    1st Mark Taylor Next Gen
    2nd Wade Jennings Next Gen
    3rd Mick Azad Manchester Ground n pound

    1st Helin Paaza SBG Manchester
    2nd Camilla Hansen E K BJJ
    3rd Amy Wright Gracie Barra Lagarto

    U68 beginners
    1st Dean Garnett Next Gen
    2nd David Prescott Gracie Barra Lagarto
    3rd Mick Nicholson Next Gen

    U68 Advanced
    1st Chris Brown Gracie Barra Lagarto
    2nd John Sherwood Factory BJJ
    3rd Scott Smith SBG Manchester

    U73 beginners
    1st Arthur Breck Manchester Ground and Pound
    2nd Damien Barnbrock School of Blackbelts
    3rd Mike Wilson Fitsimons

    U73 advanced
    1st Liam Corrigan Leicester Shoot
    2nd Rajeet Baria Leicester Shoot
    3rd Walter Barnes Gracie Barra Lagarto & Rob Lawler Combat Base

    U80 beginners
    1st Sean Teasdale Manchester Ground n Pound
    2nd James Matley Manchester Ground n Pound
    3rd Andrew Snell Gracie Barra Lagarto

    U80 Advanced
    1st Lucio Sergio Gracie Barra Lagarto
    2nd Gary Furlong SBG Man
    3rd James Nardone BJJ factory

    U87kg beginners
    1st Liam o’neil True Spirit
    2nd Gary Edwards School of Blackbelts
    3rd Mike McDermott School of Blackbelts

    U87 advanced
    1st Kamil Kezeminski True Spirit
    2nd Craig Lawrence Selby
    3rd Paul Tabb Golden Glory

    U98 beginners
    1st Peter King Manvers
    2nd John Youseff Next Gen
    3rd Matthew Condon Ste Cambell BJJ

    U98 advanced
    1st Adam Pachuki Atherton Submission
    2nd Dave Wilson Golden Glory
    3rd Paul Rice Sukata Blackpool

    Over 98
    1st Ed Turner Gracie Barra Lagarto
    2nd Chris Hall Sukata
    3rd Mark Budd Salford Fight

    For the guys who won the advanced divisions please contact me so I can get the prizes out to you.

    Gracie Barra Lagarto, I will bring your team of the tournament trophy up to your academy soon.

    Thanks to all the guys who staffed the event, and most of all thanks to all the competitors, was a brilliant event to run.

    Next event Ground Control 5.0 Liverpool Sunday June 28th University of Liverpool Sports Centre Keep checking

    Remember all the guys who won get FREE entry to the next event, the advanced winners qualify for the CASH prize Super fights.
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    An Sambo warriors at event?

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    there was a couple of russian sambo guys yes

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