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Thread: ohh, UFC Heavyweight catergory just got interesting :)

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    Talking ohh, UFC Heavyweight catergory just got interesting :)

    Taken from MMA

    Shannon Briggs in the UFC?

    Shannon Briggs could be the most high profile fighter ever to enter the Octagon. The boxing heavyweight has fought some of the biggest names in the sport of boxing. He has beaten George Foreman, he lost to champion Lennox Lewis, after knocking Lewis down. He was wanting a fight vs Mike Tyson, but nothing has materalized.

    Now Briggs is rumored to be talking with the UFC about a possibility of fighting none other than Cabbage Correira in the UFC

    Wow, Briggs has talked about this but he said he wanted to hang on for a while- it looks like he could be entering the octagon sooner rather than later!

    I reckon KO or stoppage first round for Briggs- but he'll break his own hand in the process :evil:

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    Sweet be good to see how a high profile boxer would fair

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    Default but

    With tank and kimo et all, i'm a bit worried about UFC getting names rather than true champs in a bid to boost ratings.

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    true, there is that, but name me some people who deserve to be clalled "true" champions in the UFC or even the states?

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    Default well

    I ment that in the way that, that established MMAers who have worked through smaller tornaments in US and worldwide.

    WFA top guys, Mecca, Cagewarriors et all, rather than a big ex-boxer, wrestler, whatever.

    UFC claims it's the pinnacle of MMA then it should act like its an achievement to get there. Not a popularity contest.

    Not saying that isn't room for being flash and being a personality, but be a fighter first

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    see what you're saying but i think the UFC has admitted to itself it is no longer top draw.

    instead of billing themselves as the "ultimate", the best of the best or whatever, they are focusing on building their characters and developing a roster of fighters (albeit not through lengthy contracts anymore).

    if you ask me, i think they've chosen the right tactic.

    they haven't got the cash to get the top names. they can barely hold onto the fighters they've already got- sure people are queing up to get into the UFC but they will do it for almost anything (i'm talking peanuts).

    so what the UFC needs to do is reign in their ambitions a little. i think they should concentrate on not billing every show as a title contest- you don't always need it to pull a show off. sure, it adds flair and it makes the event special in that it has a unique marketing point, but its getting tiresome to see the same guys fight substandard opponents and keeping their belts ala matt hughes and tito.

    LW + MW are practically non-existant right now. its as if there will never be a true champion in these cats, and to be honest, i couldn't have cared less when Tim beat down Ricco for the HW belt, cos it was an uninteresting fight that was a load of tosh.

    if they are having so much trouble building their champs, then its time to focus on the other fighters, build them up, and when the time is right bring them out for the titles, WHEN IT WILL ACTUALLY MEAN SOMETHING.

    just my 2 cents

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    If the uFC do this right (bear in mind, that is a BIG If) then Shannon Briggs will create a lot of pubcility and PPV buys, and it might even scilence some of the doubters

    Although it is quite scary to think what he could do with UFC size gloves, has he trained long enough to avoid subs, and takedowns. Either way his fight will be pretty short

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    Default I disagree

    Bringing Shannon Briggs into the UFC is a total Coup!!!

    Try and remember the whole origin of the UFC and the point right from the beginning.

    There's never been a truly competent boxer in the Octagon before, especially not one who trains with ATT! I think Shannon has the potential to be UFC champion!!!

    As for 'earning your shot' BJ Penn had no MMA fights before his UFC debut, he earned his shot through BJJ as did Matt Serra. Matt Lindland was a pure wrestler before his UFC appearance. Shannon has earned his shot, by being a TOP HW boxer and at one point holding the linear title. It's not like they're giving him a title shot from the get fo


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    He is training with the american top team then he is going to be aggressive like the other members. Isn't that the same team as Rampage?

    I think his hard training and star status are good enough to earn him a chance, his performance will decide if he is good enough to fight again.

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    no rampage is team oyama, was team punishment but tito has dissolved team punishment.

    people like din thomas fight out of ATT

    btw Droc, agree with you, bringing in guys from outside MMA is a wonderful idea. theyt aren't just novelty bouts, these guys are true fighters, getting them in the cage is a fucking amazing achievement.

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