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Thread: Ground Control 5.0 MANCHESTER! Sunday June 28th!

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    All division winners will receive a like2fight T-shirt and 30 worth of nogi fightwear, Advanced winners will also receive 40 worth of painjunkie fight gear, all division winners will receive free entry to our next event, plus more prizes to follow...

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    Default Photography are proud to announce that they will be covering the event.

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    Manchester? Awesome...

    And shit, show me a comp that DOESNT have some inconsistent reffing lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by SDR View Post
    To clear up - We're trying to run these competitions every 2 months if possible, we feel there aren't enough Nogi competitions around and as long as people are asking us to put them on and turning up, we'll keep doing it. Money taken from each one has been reinvested in the next one each time, so all the things we could have done better at 4 will be done better at 5.

    It's being held in Manchester again because we feel it was a good venue with good access for alot of people. We're hoping to attract more competitors from the Midlands and Southern England so feel Mancehster is more accessible to those people.
    I think if Ground Control and it's organisers continue to succeed in hosting such a well run grappling comp, the demand could well surpass your ability to supply.

    Manchester is a great location and GC could end up being THE grappling comp of the north. There are so many comps which are held in the south or are inaccessible for people travelling from or close to a city as big as Manchester. It's about time we had something local rather than trekking 2 hours to a decent comp in Birmingham.
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    i've got two questions about rules:
    1)are wrestling shoes allowed or not? cuz i've seen few people in wrestling shoes last time and they were not looking like woman or juniors :P
    2)if i'm on my back and i catch someone with guillotine and twist my body sideways to put my elbow to the mat - does this qualify as neck crank and is illegal ?

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    Default re

    1) wrestling boots are allowed
    2) that is legal, as is the brabo/darce choke, can openers and techniques which are just intent on cranking the neck are illegal.

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    thanx for info bro

    i think this time you're gonna have to figure out how to charge spectators in that Sudgen Centre innit ?

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    Gotta take all the grappling competitions springing up left, right and centre as a HUGE compliment to what we're doing with Ground Control! TTT

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    do i have to pay on day or before, whats the weight divisions

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    you can pay online click on my signature.

    guys this is a great one to do, if you win the advanced male division you receive at least 90 worth of gear, free entry next time, entry into cash prize tourney, and more stuff to follow!

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