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Thread: I got some suggestions

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    Default I got some suggestions

    Move the events forum under the MMA heading rather than general and the possibly put the MMA forums above the general as I thought it would be more important to have this listed first.

    Also give me a Mars Bar or a Cage Warriors email addy or there will be trouble!

    :shoot: :woo

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    lol email me at godders@cagewarriors with a password and what you want as a email address.

    Truth be told, i went around alot of different sucessfull forums and took what i deemed to be important.

    It seems pretty generic that general stuff goes ontop and stuff goes under that. Since its a community thing. Plus its alphabetical and such now :chinese: I put up a few different forum topics here, more to experiment than anything. If they dont get used, ill remove them. If people can warrent another one, ill do that.

    Events- Im sure people will be interested in some non MMA ones too? I.e. Meet ups, trips to the pubs and whats not.

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    Default exactly guys??

    Your Ideas are what counts you fire them into good old Godrod!! I dread to think what that nickname is for
    At the end of the day its your forum for you to enjoy we will accomodate your requests with the best will in the world:chinese:

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