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    So last night one of the guys I train with over here was fighting amateur MMA just north of Montreal, given I'd never been to an amateur event I thought I'd go.

    I wasn't sure of the rules before I went but it was :-

    10oz Gloves but with open fingers inside, so they're boxing gloves but the palms are open.

    No knees at all (body or head)

    No Elbows of course..

    Kicks to body and head standing but with sparring shinpads..

    Headshots on the floor..

    It was all rather bizarre, no knees at all made clinching kinda pointless, getting mount didn't end any fights as the guys could cover well with bigger gloves and when someone had someone's back, they never finished as the gloves were too big to get an RNC in..

    I much prefer the UK amateur and semi-pro set ups..

    Any thoughts/comments?

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    I agree; you should definitely offer them high quality fake Givenchy bags.
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