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    Default Essex Open Results

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    It took Carlson's 24 hrs to post the Kent Open Results after the comp,and now
    Marc Walder and Dave Coles have raised the game once again by getting the ESSEX OPEN RESULTS posted the same day as the comp.

    As UKBJJ grows we must all grow with it and realise that students paying to fight expect to see comprehensive results and to finish on time with a
    fighting schedule in place.

    Marc and Dave,thankyou-you've proved it can be done.

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    Default Walid Tadjouri

    Did anyone catch wallid's match on film, I was told he had a good tussle would be good to see?

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    Well done on getting those results up so quick
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott View Post
    Well done on getting those results up so quick
    Thanks, it's an easy task when working with highly organised people.

    The competitor list was given to me in an Excel spreadsheet by Marc walders BJJ student Meg, who was responsible for the highly efficient online registration system. From this organising the brackets was a 'copy & paste' heaven.

    Using a laptop at the event, one of my students spent about 20 minutes putting the number 1, 2, or 3 next to the gold, silver and bronze medallist in each category. A couple of clicks later, the results were done and Marc was able to announce the winners of the team trophy.

    Had we had wireless connection at the venue the results would have been posted up at 5.00pm on the day - maybe it's a thought for next time

    As an additional note, in an attempt to make the event even better next year, the organisers of the Essex Open are sending out an online questionnaire to all the competitors asking for their feedback on the event.

    Competitors and Spectators = Customers, and we are looking to provide the best service we can.


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    Man in Rio there is a say, "if Colesy do bracket you gonna be home for tea"

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