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Thread: Distance learning/On-line grading

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    Default Distance learning/On-line grading

    Hi all

    I've noticed more and more people offering BJJ grades over the Internet, so far Gracie Academy, Eddie Bravo and WBJJA (probably others)....

    I find this quite disturbing and makes our beloved art look cheap as shit and is also an insult to those of us who go to a respected gym with a respected/genuine instructor and have had to fight hard - blood, sweat tears and all - before we got our grades.....

    If nothing is done we are going to be swamped with BJJ wannabe's who've done a course online - got a belt/qualification online and open up clubs saying they're a qualified instructer with WBJJA/Eddie Bravo etc.....

    Not sure what the solution to this increasing problem is but something needs to be done....

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    I too find it disturbing though not entirely suprised, theres always gonna be some one out there ready to make a fast buck, be it karate, trad JJ and now sadly BJJ with the woefully pathetic WBJJA for one.

    What I would suggest is on the UK forums have a list of legitimate BJJ clubs and a list of Bullshido clubs and hope that any newcomers will read the lists and become better informed and make the right choice.


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    I think distance learning is a good thing, you can definitely learn via online videos. Live instruction will always be a better option though.

    Grading online is nonsense though. Maybe via a brown/purple it would be ok but to start grading brand new white belts who have no experienced grapplers to train with is insane. -

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    As Rob says, there's nothing wrong with distance learning, but grading without having the instructor present is bollocks.

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    The first thing i think we should do is to stop any of these guys having their grade on the UKBJJ verified belt thread,that list will become a way of seeing if a belt is legitimate or not,so they should be kept off it.

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    Keep them off the list and list the club name and location as well to make double sure.


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    This reminds me of some kids who thought they knew Judo / Kickboxing / Brazilian Jiu-jitsu / Aikido at the Gym i'm learning at because they seen it on the Youtube(They use to come to open mat on Saturdays). There was one problem.... They couldnt Grapple, Strike, Take down. They was good at one thing though which was making us all laugh at how bad they where.

    If people wanna learn from Youtube and want to be graded online then let them! People will realise soon or later that these people are incompetant and dont know what they are doing.

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    The only way to be graded in BJJ is to compete or be tested against other opponents and then decided upon by an instructor about a person technical ability.I agree with rob and Simon.

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    this begs the question what are the criteria for being included in the UK belts register.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRIBULUS View Post
    this begs the question what are the criteria for being included in the UK belts register.
    Good point. Currently the system is being run on a pretty informal basis, but should it be more formalised? Can it be more formalised? And is there a danger of the list (or any list of this nature) becoming too politicised, so that only clubs/teams that "the powers that be" judge worthy are permitted on the sacred list?


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