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A great idea on paper.

But how many Karate Organisations are there?
Which ones are legitimate?
Why were so many formed?
Which one is run to be completely free of profit?

Now replace the word Karate with "Taekwondo",and then "Kung Fu" and then

The only way for an organisation of this type to work is if it is completely
democratic.The problem is democracy can get in the way of profit.

I really hope this type of organisation can exist in Great Britain and there are other people like myself who also want it to happen and are working very hard on it.Democracy is the key but i don't know another Martial Art in this country that hasn't suffered from in-fighting,splits and arguments when
forming federations.I truly hope BJJ could be the first.

Interesting questions to which I don't know the answers.

In regards to profit, perhaps if such an organisation could raise money in some way other than levying charges on clubs (thereby remaining independant)... Since one wants a governing body to be independant otherwise theres no point in having one, but if it is democratic then by definition it is not independant.

And I am now way out of my depth...

I find the topic interesting though, I'd love to know what you would do if the task of forming a federation fell upon your shoulders?