Hey guys,

I've teamed up with one of my friends and we are in the process of creating a website that offers all forms of design and hosting.

It isn't going to be ready for a week or two but thought I'd just let people know if they wanna buy any designs or hosting before hand I'll be able to sort something out for sure!

I am currently offering T-shirt designs at great prices, you would be suprised how inexpensive they are, one client earned back the money spent on the design at a single show.

To view examples of my T-shirt designs check out http://www.asylumfightgym.com

For T-shirt designs and Website design / coding check out http://www.like2fight.com

I urge all gyms and MMA brands to contact me, I always put effort in and love designing within the MMA community!

To contact me just PM with information on what you need and your E-mail and I will contact you asap with more examples of my work if required.