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    Been training bjj for about 4 months now and a week ago after training i had a pain in my ear after a couple of days its had swollen right up (caulflower ear). spoke to a guy at training and he said to drain it with a needle, i have done this three times now but after 2 days its swollen back up, what else can be done ????

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    Im no doctor, but my mate had his ear drained and he had to have it stuffed with wet cotton wool and bandaged really tight, otherwise it just fills back up with fluid, as yours has. For the record it still looks like a swollen mess, he took to wearing a silly hat.
    Maybe someone else will know more, but if there was a definate way to stop it, you wouldnt see so many Randy Couture look alikes.

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    Once you've drained it with a (STERILE!) needle, you usually do need to stuff it with clean cotton wool (doesnt need to be wet) and tape it to keep pressure on. When you get a cauli, there's blood between the cartilage and the skin and you need to keep them pressed together so they heal together. Once it's strapped up you need to stop it from re-bleeding by either taping it to your head (like a rugby player) or wearing a wrestling ear guard while rolling for a couple of weeks.
    I'd go to the Dr's (minor injuries unit) if you've had a go yourself and had no luck. They can do a better job and might put in a stitch or two to keep the skin and cartilage in contact.
    You need to be careful cos the ear has a poor blood supply and it's vulnerable to infection so if it's red/sore or oozing, get to the Dr's ASAP. Make sure you put some anitseptic on it if you're guna drain it etc yourself.

    Hope that helps.

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    6million gave some wise words there keep it sterile and look out for any infection at all.You do need to apply pressure after you drain it but it will still bleed a bit.I have had a lot of ear hassles and what i do is take some time off(a week or two) get some ear guards then train once for a tester sometimes the ear will flare up again.But what i did was drain my ears(with a small 0.5ml needle same as the diabetics use) on a daily basis.If there is any fluid left inside the ear it will solidify its simple keep the fluid out and your ear wont get bigger.I find its best just syringing it by myself less painful and you can feel where it is better in your own ear.

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