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Thread: BJJ Self defence?

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    Default BJJ Self defence?

    Excuse my ignorance but what is the difference between Sports BJJ and BJJ self defence?

    thanks James

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    Self defence Bjj is similar to Rex kwon do.

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    Self-defence; general goal is to obtain a top position and prevent opponent causing damage. Techniques taught will include dealing with strikes/dirty tactics and escapes from stuff like bearhug/headlock/rape choke.

    Sport; goal is to win under competition rules (so not necessarily focused on top position). Techniques will include stuff which is pointless if you only care about self-defence (helicopter armbar, flying triangle, reverse omoplata...).

    One thing which has surprised me is that I've seen people say that the omoplata is a sports technique and isn't good for self-defence. I don't understand this and no-one has ever explained why. Imo an omoplata puts you totally out of harms way, is much harder to get slammed from than armbar or triangle and is also an easy position to get back to the feet from. Seems perfect for self-defence to me. -

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