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Thread: Tournament Opponent and drugs (recreational)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Bishop View Post
    Meant to say that it wouldn't bother me but do agree it's all part of general courtesy and respect to your opponent. Getting pissed up before the match wouldn't be illegal I guess but your opponent probably wouldn't be happy about it. Would be funny though.
    totally agree with that

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    Next time you fight him at a tournament just have a proper lick on the crack pipe first, that'll learn 'im.

    Crackhead jiu jitsu, no can defen.

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    What if his opponent knows crackhead control?! -

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    Sharp Rob T,..............

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob T View Post
    I've recently heard a story about a guy who stayed up until 2am bonging the night before an MMA fight... wtf is that about?
    nick diaz smahed the fuck out of gomi then gogo'd him, lean as hell

    maybe the way forward fren?

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