We at Pro Kumite are now pleased to be able to offer for Weekly Hire 15ft Training Cages. The cost is 42.00 per week plus VAT.
This Includes:
1 x 15ft Training Cage
1 x Full Set of Protective Pads. (Post Pads, Top Bars, Lower Links etc)

What is not Included:
Mats (For obvious reasons, wear and tear, hygiene etc)
Delivery, Fitting and Collection

This Hire Facility enables a Gym/Dojo to experience the cage in a training environment without the need and expense of purchasing one. If it doesn't work then you are not stuck with it. The Training Cage also offers a facility for the gym to hold mini events, inter clubs etc generating much needed income during these uncertain times.

Eddie Kone at The Ultimate Fitness Centre in London liked the Cage so much he bought one.

Wez Murch at Olympians MMA has a Pro Kumite Training Cage and has given us nothing but positive feedback on how it has lifted the class sizes and how it has attracted extra revenue.

Matt Follain from the Southwest Blackbelt Academy also has one of our Cages and has seen his classes turnover a 5 fold turnover in student attendance, and he says that it has opened up another avenue for training his students.

If this is of interest to anyone please feel free to get in touch where we can help you further and answer any questions you may have.