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Thread: CBJJ rules on dan Grades

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    Possibly some of the problem with this is due to how revered the black belt is in BJJ. It is seen in many eyes as the ultimate goal, where as in Judo, the black belt is simply another rung on the ladder (that's not to denigrate the belt and achievement). So you're more likely to get Judo BBs entering grading comps etc because they're "still on the path" and have nothing to lose.

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    good point and I certainly view my BJJ belt as a much higher achievement than my judo belt.

    Judo has its own problems too-The new grading system for coloured belts has
    changed that art in a very negative way.

    The old coloured belt gradings for judo at the budokwai were massively entertaining-it was carnage!,unfortunately they are gone forever now.......

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    In an ideal world you have a system that recognises the contributions and efforts of all black belts - from those who compete, to those who run their own academies, and to those who simple turn up to class in the same way they have done since white belt and just train. All play a valuable role in the growth and development of BJJ. Some contributions are more visible then others, but all are necessary.

    What that system is though that recognises them all, I don't know.


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    perhaps a system that stops at blackbelt,with no degrees or dans-
    making blackbelt the highest level.

    That's a system a lot of bjj blackbelts use already (the guys who've been black belts for years and years yet don't wear stripes on their belts).

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    A system without degrees does nothing to encourage Black belts to compete or fight for submission.

    If we had a similar system to Judo where Black belts meet up once a month to grade then surely this would push the sport forwards.

    I see the point about non competitive black belts not progressing under the system I suggested initially, maybe the time rules could apply for those that didn't want to compete.

    I also see the point that no-one really takes any notice of the CBJJ's rules but at the end of the day it is the recognised governing body of the sport (at the moment)

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    Perhaps we could group black belts into those who need to be distinguished (i.e. the red/black and red belts) from your average joe black belt based on a number of criteria that actually mean something/indicate your contibution to BJJ be it as a sport, as self defence, as a component of MMA?

    *Did you found the art, i.e. you are one of the 5 Gracie Brothers?

    *Did you have significant input into developing the art?

    *Did you create a new sport?

    *Did you bring BJJ to the mass public's attention

    *Did you define or redefine an element of the art e.g. BJJ for self defence, for mma, for sport

    *Did you introduce and grow the art in a new country or countries or within major cities or regions of a large country?

    *Did you revolutionise an aspect of the sport - did you change the playing field so that others had to adapt

    *Have you been training a long, long time. like really long, like since the 50's & 60's?

    *Are you a multiple time world, masters or seniors champion (No gi, gi, MMA)?

    *Have you developed a significant number of successful mma or sports bjj practioneers

    *Is every black belt ever asked agreed that you are the Ne Plus Ultra of BJJ

    Did you introdce Acai usage or were the first person to say porra and through the photo hand pose?

    *Have you built a really significant sized school or network of academies?

    *Did you revolutionise the sport of BJJ, building and consolidating a calendar of tournaments?

    Did you revolutionise the way the sport was taught (the mechanisms and media used?

    Just a few examples. Everyone else should just be a black belt imo.

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    J-Sho, do you see a benefit to black belts from all academies fighting each other on a regular basis or is it enough that the elite compete regularly?

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    1 Do you have a favorite pet at the school, who teaches most classes and you get the money? 10 points
    2 Stil let people come to train, while you complain about the weather? 6 points
    3 Make people dril techniques while you read a magazine 5 points
    4 Tell your brazilian students more details in portugese than these white faggots. 4 Ponts
    5 Up the prices for classes several times a year for no reason. 3 Points
    6 Say you are working on tournaments days. No need to see white and blue belt get smashed 2 points.

    10 points or more you get to 2nd dan.

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    for leglock purple belt, 5 point.

    If this true sergei already red and white motherfuckers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRIBULUS View Post
    J-Sho, do you see a benefit to black belts from all academies fighting each other on a regular basis or is it enough that the elite compete regularly?
    i would like to see more purple, brown and black belts competing in the UK for sure. I dont thinkt he number of purple belts competing has increased that significantly over the last 2 years, let alone brown and black belts.

    My post/point is, black belts are all shades of grey up to a point, there are individuals who make significant achievements in or contributions to this art who need to stand apart from other black belts adn unless one is such an individual, i don't think the red/black or redbelt is appropriate.

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