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    I'm doing my first boxing session this Friday but I'm also looking about to see what is the best for me.

    I'm in Nottingham and am wanting something for fitness mainly but I would like some self defence as Nottinghams not exactly the easiest place to not run into trouble in as well as being 20.

    Now, heres the place I'm going:

    I've searched around and found the following:

    Now, my googling may be poor and I may be missing something but is there anything on that list that really says "This is a good place to train?"

    I'm not wanting this whole "We don't touch each other as thats scary!" but at the same time the opposite end of the scale with all the aggression etc is something I'm not wanting currently. I'm looking for nice people to train with, get fit with, sparr with when I've trained a bit.

    So if anyone can recommend anywhere or knows of anyone who this would fit I would be GREATLY appreciative!

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    Don't know too much about most of them but Bushido is rated very highly and covers a wide variety of training.

    I would maybe give a few of them a try and see how they feel.

    There is also RAW gym just off Castle Boulevard that do boxing session but I'm not sure on their timetable.

    There are quite a few folks on here from Notts so they may be able to tell you more.

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    Cheers mate - RAW gym, I'll go google it.

    Guess i'll just have to be patient for all the notts folk

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    Default Bushido MMA

    Bushido have classes in MMA, BJJ, Sub Wrestling, Thai Boxing and Boxing.
    To find a better gym would be hard, and you would be around some of the best mma guys in the country. Check out their web site for the class time tables. Would definatly recommend this gym.

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