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Thread: DVD cover- whaddya reckon?

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    Default DVD cover- whaddya reckon?

    this is how exciting my friday night gets...

    it was worth it...

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    Its quite good mate.

    We will make a photoshop jedi out of you yet.

    A few things id change. Firstly

    "Full of mixed martial arts" they way you have put it, its the first thing your eye is drawn to. This is because its not even and is at the corner of the page.

    What id do is try to even it out so its the same width (play with placement) if you look at posters and Ad campaigns you will see what im talking about.

    Same with it again on the back. Id make it 2 lines, push the pictures down so the fight card list doesnt overlap the images. Or put more images on it so your not left with a black area. (this is because the black area is okay if its just for text, but when the text overlaps the images, it looks like its just empty).

    And lastly Cagewarriors 1 - Id reduce the height a little and make it more even.

    Try these little minor changes and i bet it makes all the difference

    BTW - good job not using cacky filters etc, nothing looks cheaper LOL
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    i know mate all the points you brought up i've thought about, but just couldn't be arsed to do

    the "ful of mma action" bit i wasn't sure about, especially on both front an back, but once i did it i couldn't be arsed to change it. i was going to rotate it a few degrees on the front to make it look more exciting but the text didn't like it, it went out of synch.

    i know what you mean about the CW olne on the front, its too tall- but was too short when the width was ok.

    i'll planning another one for the video cover, it'll be better

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    plus, it was late and i should have been doing oher work, so i have an excuse

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    Its well good but why am i on it?
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    cause there weren't any pictures of CW1 available

    and because you're a star

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