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Thread: Grand Master Sken in the Bangkok Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanCrase View Post
    Speaking of hairstyles and Grand Master Sken's former students; Sandy Holt!
    The first time Sandy introduced himself to me at a show, I think, he called himself "The Ultimate Sandy Holt"......

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    a bit, though I think its only there if you become embrolied in it - and most of the time now most are fairly relaxed and ignore any politcs and just get on with it. Fighters etc all get on very well

    and Sandy is a bit of a 'unique' character - but each to their own

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    Quote Originally Posted by qixing View Post
    did he pay to do an intensive week long course to get his grandmaster armband?
    That's a disrespectful comment, and I'm not gonna rise to any bait by replying further.

    If you've issues with GM Sken for whatever reason; a public forum where he doesn't read or post is not the place to take it up.

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