Some of you may remember that I posted a couple of things about Martial Arts Festival UK a while ago.

The event was a great success and the organiser - Kwoklyn Wan - has now decided to run another event (in addition to the MAF-UK, which will run again next year).

The idea is to have a large weekend event at the start of September, which will feature the regular freestyle/semi-contact etc as well as eskrima, possibly wing chun chi sao and ,ideally, grappling.

The idea is to have speciallist people in charge of each of the particular events (I am doing the eskrima).

The deal is for a 1 day competition - gi or nogi - on the Saturday. There is probably room for 5 or 6 mats.

Kwoklyn is looking for someone who has experience of running a fair sized grappling event and would be interested in taking charge of the running of this aspect of the day.

If you are interested you can contact him on: