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Thread: When's the next Jiu Jitsu kumite?

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    I managed to get dq'ed in record time in of these.. KIAI KIAI KIAI.. punches back, with a back first on his ear. He drops down.. end of tourny.........since everyone knows, i punch like a girl... imagine what a fruit loop he was.

    But its a very cool competition. would do one again, if i wasnt a lazy shit

    I believe smiler on here, was a big dog in this.

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    So 14th June is the next one, anyone going to go fight karate man?

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    I am taking a team of about 10 juniors to it.

    There are so many kids doing this throughout the country that only the top four in each weight from each of the area events qualify for the British championships at the end of the year.

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