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Thread: Bumsex!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Bishop View Post
    a mate of mine (really it's not me) likes his missus to do him up the arse with a strap-on. He says it's not gay because the dildo is attached to his missus and he wouldn't want a geezer to do it to him.

    I just don't know how you first have that conversation with your missus - "would you mind strapping this on and doing me up the arse with it" I presume he got started with a finger but I always change the subject when he starts on about it so I have no idea
    you really should keep these "a mate of mine "things to yourself it may back fire on you ( GET IT LOL )

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambam View Post
    if you dont take it in the shitter your gay
    lol... sounds like an anal cunt song title.

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